Massage bed DOCTOR SPINE 5500

Massage bed DOCTOR SPINE 5500

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Robot for the prevention and rehabilitation of spinal problems

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than half of the world's population will suffer from spinal diseases during their lifetime. According to statistics, the incidence of diseases in the cervical vertebrae and lumbar spine was 60-80% among adults, and among those engaged in certain areas it may even reach up to 90%. Due to the increasing stress during the school period, many young people do not maintain proper posture during school study for a long time, which leads to the development of spinal diseases at younger ages. Therefore, prevention and effective rehabilitation processes of spinal diseases constitute an important research direction in the field of rehabilitative medicine. In recent years, there has also been a huge increase in demand for robotic products for spinal rehabilitation and movement physiotherapy that have attracted the attention of many in the market.

The massage bed "DOCTOR SPINE 5500" belongs to the field of rehabilitative physiotherapy equipment, in particular to robots for spinal treatment and dynamic physiotherapy. This invention includes 20 patents, 16 trademarks, 8 software copyrights and one scientific and technological advancement award.

This robot for spinal rehabilitation and movement physiotherapy provides the beneficial effects below:

1. The invention not only produces vibration in the feet and thigh, but also increases the function of spinal rehabilitation. In order to enhance the therapeutic effect a self-weighted stretching mechanism is applied.

2. As part of the use of the vibration function of the seat, adjustments can be made to the structure and posture of the body in order to activate the massage and vibration effect in the seat and at the same time perform physiotherapy by stretching tendons throughout the body and promoting better blood flow in the legs. In addition, it is used to regulate the body's reproductive system and promote cell activity and regeneration.

3. A rotating and tightening mechanism designed to reduce the area occupied by the device and is significantly lighter in weight compared to other products, in order to facilitate transportation and storage by users.

"DOCTOR SPINE 5500" contains 7 functions at once, which bring invaluable benefits to the human body. Each of these functions in itself is quite efficient, and in combination, when interacting with one device, they lead to even greater results, which you will not be able to achieve with any other device.

What are these functions?

1. Acoustic sound therapy.

2. The function of the five elements of music.

3. Infrared thermotherapy.

4. Gradient compression.

5. Vibroacoustic treatment.

6. Stretching the spine.

7. Vibrating hips.

8. Magnetotherapy.

Acoustic sound therapy

One of the most important patent properties is acoustic sound treatment. This feature is the first and only of its kind.

Acoustic sound therapy is a therapy that uses the sounds of music and vibration. Sound affects every organ in our body. Sound is perceived not only by the ear, but also through every molecule and every cell in our body.

The benefits of voice therapy are as follows:

1) Complete relaxation of the body, which positively affects the human nervous system, i.e. neurotransmitters and neuropeptides, which help regulate the human immune system.

2) The process of accelerating metabolic processes in cells through the effect of energy on them.

It is well known that music therapy helps restore human health. The use of vibration and vibration waves in such methods has a beneficial effect on the person, on the whole system of work of internal organs, the circulatory system and the motor mechanism.

This method is a whole range of options for healing and recovery. This is one of the most powerful methods of direct impact on the person, which has no contraindications, these fluctuations work directly with the person, you just have to lie down and relax.

The uniqueness of the method lies in the fact that it combines physiotherapy, reflexology and music therapy. First of all, it has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, blood pressure drops, blood vessels dilate. Restores the nervous system, normalizes the work of the digestive system. Restores the skeletal and muscular system and helps to restore a person's mental-emotional health.

Infrared thermotherapy and five elements of music function

The device automatically activates the five elements of music and infrared thermotherapy function A function of the five elements of music, this is a patented treatment method in which specially selected melodies interact with vibrations that blend with the music. The melodies are specially selected in a way that should be used to have the most effective healing effect on the person.

As mentioned, sonic thermotherapy works in combination with infrared therapy, which affects our body no less and gives positive results, such as:

⦁ Acceleration of tissue metabolism;

⦁ Improving blood supply activity, improving blood flow in blood vessels and limbs;

Relaxation muscle relaxation;

⦁ Reduction and elimination of pain associated with rheumatism;

⦁ decrease in body volume;

⦁ Removal of convulsions;

⦁ Relief of muscle pain after physical exertion, after training;

⦁ Providing skin tone;

⦁ Reduction of edema;

Elimination of stagnation.

Gradient compression

Another innovative development is built into the device, called gradient compression. This innovation is not used anywhere else in the world, it is a patent. The essence of this treatment is that the mechanism performs compression on the muscles of the body with a uniform transition of forces, which helps to relax the muscles evenly and give them tone. Slope compression increases the supply of oxygen to the muscles, stabilizes the muscle groups and reduces the formation of lactic acid in the blood, allowing for better results and shorter recovery times, especially after sports.

Slope compression massage works on the neck, spine, legs and feet, the device works in 4 cycles per part of the body, this mode works automatically for 25 minutes, but can also be adjusted manually.

Vibration therapy device

This benefit sample deals with the field of rehabilitative and physiotherapy equipment, and in particular a neck pillow for a physiotherapy device for vibration treatment.

Nowadays, due to the increasingly competitive lifestyle in society, excessive levels of stress and pressure cause the body organs to experience an abnormal load for a long time and beyond their containment capacity. Negative mental and psychological factors cause deterioration in the emotional state that leads to a variety of harmful effects on the health of the body. Studies suggest that vibration therapy can help with muscle relaxation, and improvement

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