Original ways of decorating a place to rest in a garden. Description of furniture options, popular design solutions for creating a comfortable place for the whole family to relax.
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Shower head with Vitamin-C


To remove chlorine, to save water. Antibacterial effect. The shower head has a pronounced massage effect. With an increase in the water pressure, you will feel how the needles gently prick your skin from the thin streams of water. This shower head model has over 100 water spray holes, which is sure to provide an unforgettable, invigorating spa ..


Ultraviolet quartz lamp UV LIFE 3


Kills all known viruses, including the Coronavirus! Just being at home does not provide us with 100% protection against coronavirus. When shopping in stores, you take non-sterilized goods from the shelf. Viruses can be waiting for you on a pack of yogurt, on fruits or vegetables that you pick up with your bare hands, then rub your eyes and thus b..

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