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Helmet massage IDream 5S

₪1,279.00 ₪1,490.00

"Massage helmet iDream 5S for the head and eyes. With new features and improved performance, the updated iDream 5S with over 150 massage surfaces delivers a deep kneading massage to the eyes, upper neck and head. It provides more restful sleep, contributing to improved mental and physical well-being. Combining thermal therapy, special air pressur..


Infrared sauna IS-10

₪3,200.00 ₪5,200.00



Multifunctional professional massage belt for back, neck, legs MC-4710 MEDCIS CARE

₪1,690.00 ₪1,790.00

Professional electromassage belt for back, neck, legs MC-4710 MEDCIS CAREThe massage belt is designed to relieve tension and feel pressure.The device relieves pain in many parts of the body using infrared heating.The device improves blood circulation and gives a feeling of lightness after the massage.The massage device is designed to be used on sev..


Rechargeable massage strap DS-4600 SUPER COMPACT

₪399.00 ₪549.00

Innovative compact and easy-to-use massage strap and storage space Rechargeable massage strap DS-4600SUPER COMPACTRechargeable compact massage strip, rechargeable battery + infrared heatingDigital Display Battery + Power ModeHeating buttonFlexible rubber strapsHelps relieve regional and pinpoint painMassage simulates shiatsu hand presses 3DMassage ..


Shiatsu Pro massage device + 2-in-1 multifunctional device for back and legs DS-5520

₪699.00 ₪699.00

Shiatsu Pro massage device + 2-in-1 multifunctional device for back and legs DS-552018 built-in shiatsu massage heads3 built-in intensity levelsInfrared heating for maximum massage sensation and release of tension, pressure and regional painEasy-to-use power buttonsComes with a pouch for softening massage and for easy storage and portability.High-q..

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