Criteria for choosing medical gadgets for various purposes. Device classification, review of popular models from leading manufacturers. Rules for the operation of medical gadgets.
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Gun Massager Energy C-53

₪690.00 ₪1,190.00

The mini shock wave massager is a real innovation in the field of massagers! The beneficial effect of vibration helps to relax tense muscles, relieves spasms and pain. The shockwave massager is the best for post-workout muscles. The massage gun comes with 4 attachments, which have the following purpose: “fork” nozzle, this nozzle is used to wor..


Helmet massage IDream 5S

₪1,279.00 ₪1,490.00

"Massage helmet iDream 5S for the head and eyes. With new features and improved performance, the updated iDream 5S with over 150 massage surfaces delivers a deep kneading massage to the eyes, upper neck and head. It provides more restful sleep, contributing to improved mental and physical well-being. Combining thermal therapy, special air pressur..

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